You are not who you think you are

You’re not a programmer. You just type things into a computer hoping it does what you want.

You’re not a designer. You just design things. Which sometimes means pushing pixels around a screen until they look pretty enough.

You’re not a creative. You just create stuff. Or, probably, you steal ideas from different places and mix them together until nobody notices.

You’re not a multi-disciplinary anything. You just do a lot of things.

You’re not an entrepreneur or a founder. You just started a company. And you’re not a business owner. You just own a business.

You’re not a CEO. Or a C-anything-O. That’s just a title for what you do at your job.

You are not your job title.

You’re not a father or a mother. You just created or are in charge of a little human being.

You’re not a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You just chose to spend some of your time on this planet with another person.

You are not your relationships to other people.

You’re not ugly. You’re not beautiful. Your body is the way it is. Whatever society randomly thinks is the standard of beauty at any particular time in history doesn’t define you.

You’re not your name. That’s just a word that your parents gave you so that you can function in society.

You are not whatever people say you are.

You’re not your nationality. You just happened to be born on a particular piece of land of the world.

You’re not your political preference. You just agree with some people more than others on some subjects.

You’re not your religion. You just choose to believe things that some group of people say.

You are not your beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts that you accept as true.

You’re not a man or a woman. That’s just the gender of your body. Or perhaps the one you choose for your body.

You are not your body. You body is just a collection of atoms that somehow holds your consciousness and with which you can experience the world.

You’re not anything that you might think you are. Those are just thoughts. Thoughts are things that appear in your mind out of nowhere. They’re not true. You are not your thoughts.

Who are you then?