This is powered by Bloggi

I can finally say that this site is powered by Bloggi (and I’m writing these words in it). More specifically, it is powered by the new Bloggi API, Next.js, and Vercel.

Last year, when I first announced I was building new blogging platform, I wrote:

Later, I’ll add more advanced features, like full HTML and CSS customization (which is my personal goal so it can power this very blog with its custom design) and maybe an API for it to work as a headless CMS.

While my initial thinking about full HTML and CSS customization was about implementing some kind of templating system, I decided to skip that step and go directly with the maybe. An API is the most flexible option since it can be used with any stack, and provides complete freedom for how to display the content.

Now, whenever I publish something, Bloggi sends a notification to Vercel (thanks to another cool new feature of Bloggi, webhooks), which triggers a new build of the site, calling the Bloggi API to fetch the latest content, and finally deploying the new version. All of this is done automatically and takes less than a minute.

I get the same ease of use of writing and publishing in Bloggi, while keeping the flexibility of a custom design. Hopefully that means I’ll be writing here more often.