I’m giving up on Bloggi.*

Even though I could have done a better job at marketing, I don’t feel like there is enough pull from the market for it to grow substantially. At $251 MRR, two years after its launch, it’s hard to imagine it ever reaching $5k, $2k, or even $1k of MRR.

I guess blogging is not so popular these days.

But website builders are.

Most people don’t need a blog. They need a website—which might or might not have a blog in it. The market is much bigger. I’ve seen plenty of website builders launch and grow very quickly in the last couple of years. I can’t say the same about new blogging platforms (the few established blogging platforms are probably successful because they allow doing much more than just blogs).

And Bloggi is, in its essence, a website builder—just limited to building websites in the shape of blogs. But what if I remove that limitation?

My plan is to take everything I built and learned with Bloggi and apply it on a new product, that will let people build any kind of website. From landing pages to portfolios, and yes, blogs too.

I’m calling it Pagy (like page but with an y).

And this time I’m building it in public from the very beginning. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

* But will continue running and supporting it, I’m just stopping active development for the time being.